International Trampoline Park Safety Trainer and Consultant. I support existing trampoline parks or guide the owners through setting up one.

During one of the hottest days in Australia in December 2013 I heard those magic words “trampoline park”. I bet all of us have this unique experience of enlightening and that was this moment. Most of us love to jump! Back then there was only one trampoline park in my country (Poland) and I knew that it was a great idea to explore this business. This is how it began.

I started to cooperate with one of the best manufacturers of trampoline parks in the world. It was a very beneficial moment in my life to gather experience connected with searching of a building, negotiating of the lease agreement and generally improving communication skills with the landlord.

In the meantime I was visiting trampoline parks all over the world and participating in their openings. I got as much experience as it was possible: from being a cashier, a court monitor and cleaning the foam pit to running birthday parties and changing trampoline mat. Based on that practise I was able to solve some issues in Event Department in one of the parks in the United Kingdom. And what is more important, I started to build my know-how about running the trampoline parks. I must confess that knowledge which I gathered during getting my Master Degree in Psychology is very helpful. Especially that I was interested in Business Psychology.

In December 2016 I started to run on-line training sessions and on-site training for customers who were just about to open the trampoline parks. Since then I have trained around 1000 people in 28 trampoline parks on four continents.

At the moment I am offering you my knowledge, experience and audit. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, feel free to contact me and let me know about it. I am sure that we will find a solution to your challenges and needs.

How important is team building?

I remember when I was visiting one of the trampoline parks and I was talking with the Staff to get to know them better. Eventually we had to work together for next few weeks. I asked them a question if they like their job. The answer froze me. They told me that:

“Yes, I like my job but the thing is that they don’t care about me. I mean if I will not come to work tomorrow nobody will notice that.”

Strong one, right?

On the other hand I know that the owners and managers hiring around 30-60 people and especially at the beginning there is so much to do that there is no time to think about motivation, team building or creating the relationship with your staff.

What if you could minimalize the rotation of staff? Why not to make them feel that they are a part of a team? Not just talk about it but mean it and do it. I’m offering free Team Building.

Greeter or Bouncer?

Wherever I am and there is a trampoline park in the surrounding I simply go there. It’s hard to count it but I think I have visited more than 50 trampoline parks. Sometimes I’m going to jump but sometimes I pretend that I want to for example book the Birthday Party for my “child”. Either way I always talk with the staff. I was surprised how hard it was to get through in one of the parks in Maryland, US.

When I just entered the park there was a girl, greeter, who asked me what is the purpose of my visit. This time it was Birthday Party for my “child”. She took me on tour and explained that until the moment where I will not sign the waiver I can’t enter the platform. I thought that’s smart! To have a “bouncer” who will control and direct the customers and the policy that I can’t enter the platform without signed waiver. We all know that accidents happens!

What emotions are you selling?

Most of us buy stuff based on emotions. The question is are you using this information in your marketing and social media communication?

Let’s think for a second why customers are coming to trampoline park.

Is it because they want to have fun (or they want their kids to have fun)?

Is it because it’s great opportunity to socialize with their friends (not only for kids or teenagers but also for parents if you have inviting and comfy zone for the spectators)?

Is it because they want to check or improve their skills and boost their confidence?

Is it because they want to learn new trick*?

Is it because they want to celebrate something?

Oh, and I almost forgot – for sure they like to jump!

If you agree then show pictures and videos of happy, smiling faces, group of participants of all ages, trick, ninja contest, Birthday Parties, last day of school celebration etc. on your social media. Remind, inspire, show your customers that this is the place to be.
If you came up with different reason why customers are visiting trampoline park, don’t hesitate to e-mail me and let me know about it.

* not in U.S. Unless you are hiring professional instructor. Don’t forget to check with your insurance company if it’s covered by your current insurance.


I believe that safety is the key factor of success of the trampoline park.
I believe the success is to create a place with many happy faces surrounded by well-prepared staff who enjoys and understands their task.
I know that staff creates your brand far more than you think of it.

When you purchase any on-site visit I will perform, adjusted to your needs, free team building.
Eventually a park that will be open soon has different needs than the existing one which needs more motivation power.

Also I will not leave you after my visit. You will receive a free on-line support (by e-mail or 2h video conference) during one week after an on-site visit.


  • 8h of guidelines before opening
  • 5 days of on-site visit + traveling time
  • Staff and Safety Training
  • Party Hosting Training
  • Show how to run group events in fun way
  • Checking safety of the park
  • Checking in general if park is ready for opening


  • 8h of guidelines before opening
  • 5 days of on-site visit + traveling time (check Basic Package)
  • 23 days of on-line help before opening
  • Help in choosing the best P.O.S. system
  • Help in develop marketing strategy for the opening
  • Help in creating customized handbook and procedures
  • Create Event Department & Party Host Training


  • 8h of guidelines before opening
  • 28 days of on-site visit + traveling time
  • Staff Training
  • Party Host Training
  • Show how to run group events in fun way
  • Checking safety of the park
  • Checking in general if park is ready for opening


  • Safety and Customer Service Training


  • Mystery jumper


  • 28 days of On-Site Management Support


We discuss your urgent matter, so you can find advice or solution to nagging issue
53 per Challenge
  • On-line conversation

* Traveling time is counted as working time and it is included in the offer. Expenses connected with my stay (flights, accommodation, transport, meals) are client’s responsibility and depends from location.

Contact me if you would like to receive complete offer or if you would like to talk about your needs and opportunities of cooperation.



My brain is restless. It creates million ideas per minute about business, how to improve something or what to do next. I have some ideas which are worth investing.

If you have some funds or access to get even more funds and you would like to invest in idea of learning through play (there are only two countries in the world according to my knowledge which have such a centres for kids) then contact me. This is big project, bigger than the trampoline park.

Second idea is leisure business for kids and adults who like sport activities and it requires about 100,000 USD for investment.

Contact and connect the businesses.

Business Creator also helps others to connect and cooperate together. I will share here information about businesses which I checked and I recommend but also those which inspires me but I didn’t have an opportunity to check it.

I recommend:

Large Scale Artwork by Douglas McClellan

I met this guy during one of the training and I was under big impression of his creative mind! An year later I visited another trampoline park with his great art work. And guess what: owners of both parks where supper happy with their unique, full of colours walls and the whole process of creating it! And this is the moment when I start to follow Mcdartworks on Instagram.

Visit Douglas’s website to check more projects:

Hammock Chair

During my winter holiday 2 years ago I was visiting Vancouver. While I wasn’t skiing I was discovering this diverse city. When I noticed shop full of hammocks, I just couldn’t help myself and I spent there about half an hour laying in hammock chairs and creating in my mind plan how to transport hammock to Poland (I was in the middle of my trip and I still needed to visit few trampoline parks in U.S. before I was heading back to Europe) and I made it! I have one at home and I absolutely love it! This is such a great product to chill out – you can seat, you can lay down. Perfect for spectators in the trampoline park or for businessman to chill out after hard work! 🙂

Visit Malcolm’s website: to check hammock chairs and other products.

P.S.: Everyone who is visiting me at home is trying it out and doesn’t matter if they are 6 years old or 46 years old, they really like it!


That was a love from first sight! Those Magnetic Blocks are super safe thanks to softness and good quality material (no sharp edges). Inside each of the block there is 24 magnets which enable to connect the blocks and create thousands of different structures. Just imagine and build a robot, castle or comfortable sofa for a nap! 🙂

I have visited a kids entertainment center which was using the magnetic blocks already for an year and they were still in great condition although some of the youngest users were testing them orally. Don’t worry! You can wash it in your washing machine – just remember to put same colours per washing.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m distributing and cooperating with JollyHeap. You can also visit their website to learn more:

Ca$hMate – The Smart Solution

I found few interesting projects while I was attempting seminars at IAAPA in Orlando. One product which I would like to introduce, is counting money machine. It stole my heart with…simplicity and for sure this is the best machine which I ever used! I like it so much that I became their sales representative. (Check the video how fast you can count the money)

→ Save time, with sheer speed and eliminating recounts.
→ Achieve 100% accuracy on the first count.
→ Eliminate shortages and human error.
→ Accurate bank deposits.
→ Improve ROI.

Example: You count 3 cash drawers, 2 times per day = 6 drawers:
– Each drawer takes from 5 to 15 minutes to count-by-hand, double that for any drawers needing recounting.
– Let’s assume your average count time is 8 minutes per drawer, so 6 drawers equal 48 minutes.
– Ca$hMate Money Counters count your cash drawer in less than 1 minute.
– 6 drawers will now only take you 6 minutes (42 minutes savings / day).

Similar savings are found verifying bank deposits:
– Assume we are saving 1.5 labor hour per day and we pay $10.00/hr.
– That equals $15.00/day savings, $450.00/month, or $5,400 per year.

Ca$hMate Money Counters pay for themselves from 2 weeks to 6 months. ROI depends on the number of cash drawers counted per day, and hourly rate paid to cashier. We offer 30 days FREE trail. Ca$hMate® provide best ROI in the industry!

Contact me to get more information and receive a gift while you will purchase Ca$hMate.


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I’m a member of International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions – learning from the best is my priority.